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It is finally possible to pair YOUR perfect wine to the Italian courses, all in 5 CLICKS. It will be a practical help to know better wine, food and your favourite tastes.

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We've studied a unique experience, you will have the possibility to choose wine type, region, alcoholic percentage, price, characteristics and combinations, through this selection our virtual somellier will be able to guide and suggest you the most siutable wine for your needs and tastes. Finally it is possible to identify your ideal wine upon the combination with italian dishes and your preferences. Try our new system, you will certainly like it and... you will always know which is the right wine to taste!

FRANCIACORTA Brut docg Millesimato GIÓSEP 2009 - Pallet 120 Bottles
26.27 €3,152.00 €
FRANCIACORTA Brut docg - Solive - N. 12 Bottles
19.17 €230.00 €
Franciacorta ROSE' 75CL - Pallet 120 Bottles
21.83 €2,620.00 €
Lenza Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA SATEN Lenza - 0,75 cl. - Pallet 120 Bottles
16.33 €1,960.00 €
Franciacorta Brut Majolini - Pallet 120 bottles
15.83 €1,900.00 €
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Panettoni Fiasconaro "26 hours of natural leavening"

Panettoni Fiasconaro 26 hours of natural leavening
A sign of unmistakable recognition of the bakery products by Fiasconaro is the natural leavening, a very slow process of fermentation which lasts 36 hours. The natural leavening has its origin from the "mother", a nucleus of fermented dough (which will work as yeast) to with gradually are added water and flour. It is a process that, since ever, renews remaining the same with the same rhythm, and requires ability, attention and above all the total lack of chemical additives and preservatives to take place, but anyway guaranteeing the product a surprisingly long "life". The leavened dough through this totally natural process offers unique and unmatchable qualitative characteristics in fragrance and lightness.

ARTICOLO- 14/11/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Gambero Rosso: The Black lentil from Leonforte among the best Italian lentils"

Gambero Rosso: The Black lentil from Leonforte among the best Italian lentils
The Black lentil from Leonforte is an ancient variety typical of the hill around the province of enna. Agrirape company has resumed its cultivation totally hand made, from the seeding to the cleaning. The long processing is however rewarded by tasting sensations out of the normality. Middle size and black coloured as coal when they're raw, once they're cooked their aspect is genuine and burnish. Your nose will smell fantastic undergrowth aromas. Your mouth will feel a rich, fine and not invasive taste with an important aftertaste. The Black lentil from Leonforte pairs well with fish based recipes, it has a black color which makes it very particular at the sight.

ARTICOLO- 13/11/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Donate the excellence at Christmas

Donate the excellence at Christmas
The precious and perfect partnership between the Christmas tradition and high quality enogastronomic products. Hundreds of high quality products and a wide selection of wines for satisfying everyone's needs and customize your own present package, which will be wrapped in specific boxes with christmas colours and decorations. Our Christmas packages are a perfect gift for friends and beloved people who live far away. Indeed we ship all around Europe customizing the boxes with your wishes.

ARTICOLO- 08/11/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

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Onze firma,waar ik 40 jaar klant ben,is gestopt met Bonera,wat we héél lekker vinden ,wat zijn uw voordelen en prijzen + verzendingskosten.

Vraag geplaatst door: Mayke Van Dievoort ( 17/01/2018)
Categorie/Onderwerp BONERA NERO D'AVOLA, CABERNET FRANC - Mandrarossa

Where can I buy it, and how much does it cost?

Vraag geplaatst door: Hubert850 ( 05/01/2018)
Categorie/Onderwerp Pork loin ham (Lonza)

Waar kan ik dit product kopen + prijs?

Vraag geplaatst door: Hugo ( 01/01/2018)
Categorie/Onderwerp Pork loin ham (Lonza)

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