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It is finally possible to pair YOUR perfect wine to the Italian courses, all in 5 CLICKS. It will be a practical help to know better wine, food and your favourite tastes.

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We've studied a unique experience, you will have the possibility to choose wine type, region, alcoholic percentage, price, characteristics and combinations, through this selection our virtual somellier will be able to guide and suggest you the most siutable wine for your needs and tastes. Finally it is possible to identify your ideal wine upon the combination with italian dishes and your preferences. Try our new system, you will certainly like it and... you will always know which is the right wine to taste!

Taleggio P.D.O a fantastic Italian cheese

Taleggio P.D.O a fantastic Italian cheese
The ageing and production area of Taleggio includes: Lombardy (provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milan, Pavia) Piedmont (province of Novara) Veneto (province of Treviso) The milk used must come exclusively from the farms from these territories and inserted in a control system.

ARTICOLO- 21/06/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Agricultural Company Adamo: A true Sicilian and Biological reality

Agricultural Company Adamo: A true Sicilian and Biological reality
The company is nowadays totally dedicated to the cultivation of vine and olive tree following true biologic methods. The land extends for a wide hill zone of almost 75 hectare, within the DOC Alcamo production zone. Even using modern techniques of processing, the cultivation of olive trees and grapes is made in the total respect of the environment and the territory, a necessary condition to obtain the BIO certificate. The exclusive use of own produced raw materials, the knowledge of the territory, apart from the familiar tradition, make the company one of the best expression of the Sicilian panorama. Vincenzo dedicates the company activities to the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil, in fact, the company estate is placed within the Alcamo Doc and PDO Valli Trapanesi areas.

ARTICOLO- 16/06/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Bison Wine Cellar: Excellence from the ground to the glass

Bison Wine Cellar: Excellence from the ground to the glass
Still nowadays, as it was in the past, the company makes the quality of its own territory its best strength and added value. The vineyards managed by the company are 20 small farms, located in the areas most committed to the denomination. The finest part is the hectare managed at the peak of the Cartizze hill, the most precious Italian vineyard. Through a cyclical generational renewal, Bisol carry on handing down from father to son: a strong familiar unity which gives the company further strength.

ARTICOLO- 14/06/2017 - http://www.alleenitaliaanseproducten.nl/ ( Network O.I.P. )

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Heeft u de mirto bessenlikeur uit Sardinie en de berta grappa leverbaar? Zo ja, wat kost het mij dan en wat zijn uw condities?
graag horen wij van u.
vr. gr. Delizia Wijnen
Ton LamorÚ

Vraag geplaatst door: delizia wijnen ( 23/06/2017)
Categorie/Onderwerp MIRTO RAU ROSSO 0.50

Goedenavond, ben geinteresseerd in de Ca'dei Frati Rosa dei Frati maar zie nergens van welk jaar de wijn is. Kunt u mij hier antwoord op geven? met vriendelijke groet Maarten Rackwitsz

Vraag geplaatst door: M.H.Rackwitsz ( 15/06/2017)
Categorie/Onderwerp CHIARETTO CA' DEI FRATI Rosa dei Frati

Beste, heeft u deze wijn op voorraad?

Vraag geplaatst door: Stefaan Lammens ( 05/06/2017)
Categorie/Onderwerp Joel - Vigneti Storici - Garda D.O.P. Classico Groppello - CÓ Maiol

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Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo
Preole Rosso Biologico Merlot-Nero D'Avola 2015 - Pallet 120 Bottles
7.58 €910.00 €
La Marca
5.83 €700.00 €
Il Sasso Carmignano - Wooden box n. 6 bottles
42.50 €255.00 €
Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo
Cataratto IGP Terre di Sicilia - 2016 - Pallets 120 Bottles
8.17 €980.00 €
Amarone 2004 Corte Giare - Wooden box n. 6 bottles
85.00 €510.00 €
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