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Salame - Salumificio Lovison

Salame - Salumificio Lovison

Salame - 750 gr.
15.10 €
Salame  - Salumificio Lovison

Since 1903 the Lovison family treats high quality fresh pork meat coming from Friulian breeding farms with care and passion.
The 4 years generations experience and the love for well done products are unique ingredients that make Salumificio Lovison an authority among the Friulan cold cuts.
The meat comes only from pigs which were bred in Friuli Venezia Giulia and they're butchered within 20 kms from the company following the tradition.
The pigs are bred respecting the wellbeing regulations of the animals through a diet that exclusively comprehends OGM Free cereals and vegetables.
The meat is exclusively hot worked within 2 hours after the butchering, adding different spices to each cut according to our exclusive recipes.
The drying and the aging follow too the traditional Friulan modalities enriched by our 100 years long experience.
The taste of the Lovison cold cuts was born from an unique tradition which is based on the manual skill of an ancient art an the passion of those who still love artisanal way of working.

It is an exclusive product by Salumificio Lovison. To produce the knife tip salami the only part used is the hot worked crust meat which is seasoned with a mixture of selected spices.
The significant difference that distinguish this product from the others is the hand cutting of the meat in small pieces by the pork butchers so to form some meat little cubes of nearly 2 cms.
The salami is then put in the drying cellar where it will stops for about 3 days, after that it will pass at least 3 months in aging canteens before the marketing promotion.
the result of this particular working processes is a big-grain product, lively colored with an intense taste given by the aging and the rough piebald marking that exalts the meat.

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Since 1903 we process high quality fresh selected pork meats coming from Friulian breedings with passion
The four generations experience and the love for the well done things, are the unique ingredients that make the cold cuts producer Lovison the reference point for the Friulian cold cuts. The musetto is a rustic and delicious cold cut, with a big grain paste and endowed with a great softness, both a sweet and spicy taste, used by the most famous Italian chefs , among which Carlo Cracco, in their recipes. The sausage: for its production the meat used are the ossocollo, the shoulder and the belly, which are processed at high temperature immediately after the butchering and flavored with species. The product is then tied by hand and dried in cellars for 12 hours. The soppressa is made season with some species for 8 months in the wine cellars. The result is a product with mid grain and a taste balanced between thigh and belly following the tradition. The knife tip made salami is made up only with meat processed at hot temperature than seasoned with a mix of selected spices. The substantial difference that distinguish this product from the others is the cutting of the meat made by hand by the butchers in cubes of 2 centimeters. After the salami are tied by hand are put in drying wine cellars for 3 days.

- 21/09/2019 -

Salumificio Lovison: high quality standards
After a hundred years long history the Lovison's products still haven't lost their craftsmanship and traditional tastes, they continue to be an important testament of a simple but rich in flavors and colors cuisine. The Musetto, apparently a cotechino (gelatinous pork sausage in a natural casing) but actually a cold cut, is the result of a careful selection of meat coming from cheeks, throat fat and pork rind. This product was born in 1903 in Spilimbergo. Apart from the Musetto, the Salumificio Lovison produces also many other cold cuts, like the sausage, the salami also in the knife-tip made version and the soppressa. The great Chef Carlo Cracco has transformed the musetto Lovison in a stuffing for his restaurant ravioli. Ravioli stuffed with musetto Lovison with vegetables mustard. Ingredienti for the pasta: 1kg of 00 type flour 8 egg yolks 1 full egg 20g of extra virgin olive oil For the stuffing: 200g of Musette lovison 80g of Savoy cabbage mash tun Make the 200g of stew Savoy cabbage browning with 50g of onion, then pour them with water and salt and cook them for 1 hour at least. Blend them in the mixer adding the musetto Lovison, season with salt and black pepper. For the mustard (80g) 80g of celery julienne cut With the flour, eggs, oil and salt make an italian fresh pasta. Pat the dough, put in some stuffing and give it the "cappelletto" shape. Cook the ravioli for 3 minutes in boiling salted water. Put them on a soup plate together with the vegetable mustard and the celery.

- 01/12/2018 -


Salame - 750 gr.
15.10 €
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